Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hello To My 13 Followers!!!

Yep thats right there are now 13 of y'all!! If i can get a few more maybe I will starting thinking about a Givaway!!!

So yet again I must appoligize. Yes I do realize it has been AGESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! since I last wrote. I honestly have about a million reasons why I haven't.
  First off I started my college classes reacently so pretty much all of my online time has been going to that.
   We have changed the wedding plans yet again. Instead of waiting till next year to have a super huge wedding that we really can't afford, we are getting married when my grandparents come down from Illinois. Oh yah did I mention the wedding date is the 21st...of in like 6 DAYS FROM NOW!! Yes I am crazy... you would be to if you grew up with my family hahaha. Anyways, we are only having about 30 People there mostly family, and a couple friends that are considered family. I have my dress, made most of my accessories, our rings came in yesterday, my sister is doing my hair and her hubby is mking the most awesome bbq in the whole state of Texas!! Yes I know everybody says theirs is the best but they have never had my brother-in-laws bbq if they are saying that. I PROMISE I will post pics after and as a super special treat I will post a breakdown of how I pulled off my super awesome wedding for less then $300, the most expensive part is the food.
   People please be ready to mentally Gibbs me, I have a confession to make. It has been about 2 months since I last actively exercised. But I think I am ready to get back on the wagon, if I could just stop losing motivation and stay away from the junk food.
  Well I guess I better get my butt to bed, 5:45 comes awful early in the morning, and I need to get up to get that workout in before the kiddos get up. Wish me luck!!!

Later Y'all!!