Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy 2013!!!! (yes i know i'm 11 days late)

Ok, so..... My attempt at blogging last year did not go very well. But I am back and ready to stick at it, along with some other things this year. I figured I would start my new year of blogging with a list of the 5 things I hope to accomplish this year.

1- I WILL GET FIT. - 2012 was a roller coaster of a year and my plans to lose weight just didn't work. This year it will. I know this sounds a bit ambitious but I am hoping to lose at least 40 lbs by June. Why you ask? Well it is because my Best Friend...for all time...through thick and matter getting (re)married. I say re because they got married back in September but for some reason decided not to tell his family and are now planning a huge shindig. I REFUSE to be the fat MOH in the photos. So I need to have my fitness journey well under way by then.

2 - I WILL BLOG MORE - I promise to blog at least once a week, hopefully more, we will see.

3 - I WILL GET MY WEP CLASSES DONE- As well as currently working on my BA I have been taking a special course in Wedding and event planning. I want to get that finished up asap and hopefully have my business set up for clients by the end of the year. If anybody needs help planning an event let me know *wink wink*.

4 - I WILL GET OUR FINANCES SITUATED - My husband and I are by no means rich, but between his job and mine we can pretty much make ends meet, I just want to get things to where it doesn't feel like we are always living paycheck to paycheck.

5 - I WILL MAKE MORE TIME FOR MY OLDEST - I don't really get to spend much time with her right now. I go to work right after she leaves for school and don't get home till 6, then its time for dinner, bath and bed. I hate that she doesn't get a lot of mommy time and will fix that this year.

So there it is, the 5 main things I hope to accomplish this year. Talk to Yall Soon!!!