Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monday's This and That and a couple of updates

Sorry this is a day late y'all, I just wasn't in the mood to blog last night, yesterday was a pretty long day for me.

First up something I am pretty excited about. I weighed in at 220.2 yesterday. Thats nother 2 pounds gone yall!!! With eating crappy all weekend and having shark week last week. I thinks thats pretty good.

Started the C25K yesterday. It was kind of hard. I wanted to quit half way through but I stuck it out, ran for the full time when I was supposed to and walked when I was supposed to. I really like this prgram...for now...I think this will really help with the weight loss. I am also trying to find the time to start Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. So far the past couple days i haven't been able to make the time. Ahhh the life of being the mother of 2. As long as I am still getting my morning workouts in I'm not supper worried about a second daily workout at the moment, it would just be nice to fit in it before bed.

Now For Some Fun Stuff.
Weekly weight - 220.2

Color of the week - Pure Ice: Hot Tamale

I am really loving this color. I'm not a huge orange fan but this one i could wear all the time.

Quote of the week - "That voice in your head that says you can't do this...IS A LIAR!!"

Well I think that is all for now. Except for a couple pics of my cuties. Later Y'All.

                                           Emi watchin Monsters Inc. She is such a couch potato.
                                                  Emi and Bells...My 2 camera divas
                                               So adorable...Till she wakes up!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Down To The Nitty Gritty

So here it is folks, this is what you all have been waiting for. Just to give everybody a better idea of where I am starting at I took some pics and measurments this morning.

I am 5'3
Currently Weigh 222
Bust 46"
Waist 41"
Hips 51 1/2 "
Thigh 26 1/2 "
Arm 14 1/2 "
I currently wear a XL in shirts and a 16-18 in pants demending on the brand. My hope is to be at least in a solid 16 (size before baby #2) before the end of the year.
I will be doing the same as other bloggers that I read. Every 10 pounds lost i will post up new progression pics. So at 214 I will be posting those.
For now here are some of my babies :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

This and That Mondays

Hey Everybody Once again it has been a pretty busy yet slightly uneventful weekend. Saturday the girls ad I went to a birthday party for a 1 year old...Happy Birthday AJ!!! Sunday I stayed home all day and did a little of the cleaning I have been putting off for forever. My kitchen is now 90% clean. Today has been spent running around all day. Did some shopping and had to take Alex to the dr. She woke up this morning with a few welts on her legs, no biggie, i thought she just got bit by mosquitos the night before. Then they started spreading. By the time we got to the dr nearly one leg was covered and the other leg well on its way to being covered. The dr said it was nothing to worry about, probably just delayed swelling from some kind of bite (not sure exactly what). It wasn't harmful, or an allergic reaction to anything, just let it run its course because there wasn't anything that could be done for it. So thank God for that. Also on the Alex front, we not have 2 teeth. Tooth number 2 was discovered by GaGa (my mother) on Friday. Boo got registered for kindergarten today so she is all excited about that. Weigh-in!!!! Today was weigh in day, got on the scale and saw 222.2. I thought at first it was a wrong reading so i went off did a couple things, came back and got on again and saw the same 222.2. Which means I lost 2 pounds last week!!!! Yay me!!!! Can't wait to see what it reads next week with more exercise and better eating!! I realized I have yet to post pre weight loss stats, so I will get those up this week. Also my camera is up and running again which means lots of PICTURES!!!!! Weekly Quote: "You are not hungry, you are bored. Drink a glass of water and learn the difference. Power color: Pure Ice- Heart Breaker Weekly Workout - back to basics, mostly working on getting back into a running schedule. I tried doing too much too fast and needed to get back to where i started in order to get where i needed to be. I think thats all for now. Like I said lots f pics to come later. Later Y'All

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's Been A Long Day

Hey Y'All

First off I ended up not having to go into work at all today so I was kind of happy about that.

I had a very lazy day today. I didn't get any workouts in today. I feel like shit for it too. But starting tomorrow I am going to hit the ground running...literally. I will be back on my 3 a day workouts. I'm tired of not seeing any results. I need to get uber serious about this if i want to lose the weight before June. I am also going to start trying to eat cleaner, and not near as big of portions of things. I need you all to help keep me acountable for what I am doing. The good, bad, and the ugly you are going to get to read it all hopefully that will get me to stay on track.

In other news, we had D's aunts funeral today. It was pretty boring to say the least. It was all D could do to stay awake during it and both girls did fall asleep. It was longer then any funeral should have ever been. Oh and just so you know I generally hate funerals anyway, too many sad depressing emotions in the air, they always give me a major headache. But I wanted to be there for D and my future mother in law.

Well I think that is all for now. Later Y'All

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just another Tuesday

So today pretty much sucked. Got up at 5:30 to run, got through one lap n had to come home. I don't know why but for some reason I fealt very sick this morning, major headache, nausia, the whole nine yards except no fever. Anyway so I jump in the shower to clean up, throw on basket ball shorts and a tshirt and proceed to finish getting ready for work. Thats the awesome thing about my job, I can go to work looking like crap and nobody cares! I love being a nanny!! Before any of yall ask, yes I do go to work when I don't feel good, as long as I don't have a fever I get through as best I can. The kids I watch are pretty awesome so its not like I have a very hard job anyway, I love those kids :) I was able to get 30 mins of Zumba in today, and I kept my eating under control, until I got home... My sister is down for a couple weeks and decided to pick up KFC for everybody. I know I shouldn't have had any but I did. I ate 1 breast (no skin), a spoon of mashed potatos and gravy, and a spoon of cole slaw, no biscut. All in all it was a lot less then I would have normally eaten which is good but that one piece of chicken had 600 calories in it....I will admit, it sooooooooo was NOT worth it. Like I said, my sister is down for a couple weeks so I got to see my 3week old niece for the first time today, she is sooooo precious!!! As soon as I get the camera issues solved I will post pics. Tomorrow I am only working half a day, we have to go to D's aunts funeral tomorrow at 2. Please if you will, keep his family in your prayers for strength at this time. Thank you. Well thats all for now I think. Later Y'All

Monday, July 16, 2012

This and That Monday's

Ok I know I haven't posted in a couple of days and I'm sorry to anybody who reads this blog. I am going to try and keep it updated on a more regular basis starting today. Now down to the nitty gritty...

Last week I finally bought my own scale, I had been using my mothers scale prior to this. Upon getting my new toy home, opening it up, and using it for the first time I discovered that my mothers scale had been lieing to me!!! To be fare this scale is rather old and probably need new batteries. So with that being said, starting this week I am starting over at a starting weight of 224.2 and will only refer to my scale during weigh-ins so as to not right being lied to by a biased scale again.

On Friday evening I happened to notice that Alex FINALLY!!! has her first tooth!!! it only took 8 months to come in, haha. I have a feeling a few more aren't that far behind.

I was going to post up pictures this week but of course my computer decided it doesn't want to read my sd card...ugggg...if its not one thing its another, so it looks like I will probably be getting a new sd card.

I have started a new workout schedule, instead of just 20 mins a day I have decided to up my workouts to 3, 20-30 min a day workouts. My Running first thing in the morning, Zumba sometime in the afternoon, and Yesterday I started the 30 Day Shred. Yes I am now officially a ShredHead. I am loving this new routine. Before this I would do my Run first thing in the morning and then all day I would be itching to get another run in after work but then by the time we had dinner and I got everybody settled and in bed there wouldn't be time for another run. This way I can get a workout in during nap time and I don't have to worry about having someone watch the girls while I run later at night because I can just work out in the comfort of my living room. I think this will be perfect for me and Oh Em Gee!! I love the after-burn of this 30 Day Shred. My arms and legs are shaking so bad when I get done and keep burning for a long while after. I love that I can feel it working already and it has only been 2 days.

So now some fun stuff...

Official weigh in weight for the week...224.2

Inspiration Color of the week>>> Pure Ice - Not Now - it is a totally awesome shade of dark green

Quote for the week>>>"Your Body Can Do Anything...It's Your Brain You Need To Convince.'

*Side Note- Most of the quotes I found on Pinterest, so for most of them I have no clue who said them or came up with them. If I do happen to know I will give credit where credit is due- end side note*

This Weeks Workout Schedule - 5-6 days this week...
Morning - Run 1 min, speedwalk 3 min, slow walk 1 min...repeat 4 times...total 20 mins
Afternoon - Zumba workout - 5-6 Amber Blackmon Videos on YouTube - total 20-25 mins
Evening - 30 Day Shred - Level 1 - total 25 mins

Well I think that is all for now, hopefully I can get some pics up this week, I really want to post my starting pics up, mostly for my own motivation, but also so anybody reading this can see my starting point.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Its Raining, Its Pouring

Yep thats right...more rain. Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly complaining. We need the rain, and i love that its not a million degrees outside, it just makes me so tired when the weather is like this, and it means I won't be able to get another workout in tonight. Oh well.

So I am mostly writing this post because i happen to be really bored at the moment. And I kinda have the munchies but i don't want to eat anything else till dinner. Instead I am sipping some apple cinnamon detox water that I found the recipe for on Pinterist. I gotta tell you its better then I expected.

And yes like so many other people recently I am ADDICTED to Pinterist. I keep trying to get my mom onto it but she keeps ignoring me. Her loss.

Well i guess thats all for now. Later Y'all

IHOP Boycott

Ok so I didn't post this last night because i was too upset and didn't want to sound too much like a ranting fool. For those of you that didn't already know this D and I rent from my parents on the same property that their house is on. Anyway last night after I got off work we all went to Killeen to an oriential store thats there. When we got done we decided to eat at IHOP because we hadn't in awhile. There were 9 of us total, we all sat together but we had 2 seperate bills. Did you all knoe that at IHOP there is an 18% gratuity just for having 9 people sit at the same table!!!!!??? We didnt recieve any extra service from any of the other guests. Our waitress only passed by once inbetween giving us our food n giving us our bill, never even asked if anybody needed refills. Now I am generally a gracious tiper. Unless the service really sucks or is totally awesome I leave $5 or 10% whichever is higher. Which is what i was going to leave till i found out about tjat extra 18% added onto the bill. The service wasnt worth 18%. If we had 15-20 people there yah sure i wouldn't be complaining. But we only had 9 and it was 2 seperate bills!! The bill was for mine n Ds food and our drinks, there was a sign in the window that said that kids eat free and the tried to charge us for them. It still cost us way more then it should have, especially since we ordered off the specials menu. Uggg it just pissed me off. Who the heck charges 18%!!!! For 9 people?? IHOP!!! I'll tell you what I am never stepping in an IHOP again.  I know this may not seem too bad just reading it but trust me it was more of a "should have been there to compleatly understand" kind of moment.

Ok end of rant... anybody that reads this feel free to let me know your thoughts or opinions on this subject....thats all for now laters Y'all

Monday, July 9, 2012

Mondays Whatever Day

So today started off pretty typical. Go up at 5 to workout, I was going to just repeat last weeks workout for a couple more days before I advanced to the next stage, instead I decided to push myself the extra bit n go ahead and move up. I did the whole workout!!! I'll tell you what its easy to forget how hard something is when you haven't done it in 5 years. The last time I ran for any length of time was when I was a jr in high school. It fealt good to be able to push myself to finish that workout though. I just hope its not raining in the morning so I can do it again. After my workout, I was starting to get a major migrain, one that dr. Prescribed pain killers wouldnt even knock out. I was thankful when my boss texted me n said she wouldn't need me to come in till later so I took a shower n crawled back in bed for a couple more hours. Even with a killer headache all day work went by pretty good. I think Alex may be getting a stomach bug that has been going around. Boo came home from my sisters today. She had a black eye and a scratch running down the side of her face when she got here. Asked her how she got it n she said her n sissy were playin n she tripped n hit her head on the dresser which I can believe. I love my baby girl to death but she is a bit clutzy. She said it hurts a little bit but not too much. As I am writing this we just got a call from D's brother. Their aunt, who has been sick for awhile, is slipping fast n wont make it through the night. I know this is hard for them I just wish there was a way I could make it hurt less. Alls i can do is be here for him if he needs me. Please anybody that is reading this pray for his family in their time of grief. I would appreaciate it. On the up side today was my first weigh in. I lost a whopping 1 pound!!! I know its not much but its a start and to be honest I wasn't even expecting that with being so lazy last week. On Mondays I am going to start posting a inspirational color and quote for the week. Just so everybody knows my color of the week will actually be the color that I have painted my nails for the week. This weeks color is Pure Ice- No means No. It is an Awesome shade of purple. I will eventually put pics up every week but right now my camera is dead so that is gonna have to wait. The quote for the week is "I'm not losing weight, I'm getting rid of it. I have NO intention of finding it again." Just found out that I'm not needed at work until 9am which means if its not raining I can get a couple more hours of sleep after my workout, if it is raining I get to sleep in!!! Yay!!! I love being a nanny :) Whelp thats all for now. Night Y'all!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just Another Weekend

OK so Saturday started off pretty slow. Didn't get my lazy butt outta bed till 8. I was able to still get my walk in, although I now remember why I get up so early to exercise. It was 80* by 8 am here in central Texas. I was sweatin my a** off, though I think that was probably a good thing. Anyway later that morning I went with mom, dad, and the rest of the family to go a few things, then we went too my oldest sisters house for my nephews birthday. Let me tell you that was a whole ordeal in itself. This year my nephew just asked that people gave him money instead of buying him a bunch of little things he didn't need or wouldn't use, smart kid if you ask me. Anyway he ended up with about $60 roughly, he put it all in one card and put it up in his room. Half way through the party, the kids were all playin in that area of the house, adults would go back there to check on them randomly, half way though he notices that the card with the money had been taken out of the envelope n was missing. We all hunted around that house for like an hour looking for it, couldn't find it anywhere. We finally gave up, with suspisions that a certain adult had taken it. A couple hours later that person had gone back into my nephews room to tell him goodbye, shortly after that the money was found. The whole thing still seems hinky to me but at least the money was found and it was all still there.

After the party, D and I went out on date night. this is the first date night we have had in a very long while, normally we have kids and/or other adults with us. We went to eat at the Oscar store (great food by the way) then we were supposed to go to the rodeo. The weather started getting bad so we didnt want to drive that far out so we just enjoyed some quiet time together. Went to Specs n got some drinks and some alcohol infused whipped cream, picked up Alex from my sisters (Boo spent the night there with my niece), came home, put Alex in bed and enjoyed a couple drinks, and some whipped cream. That stuff is awesome but is very Strong!! You really should try some though if you haven't already. I don't think we ended up actually going to bed till 1:30-2ish.

Today was a pretty laid back day. D had to work and everybody else myself included just fealt like being lazy. But its getting late and I am getting up to exercise at 5 am so I better get my butt to bed. Night Y'all

Friday, July 6, 2012


Today was pretty uneventful considering i was dreading waking up this morning. I spent most of the work day taking care of a fussy baby that has an abscess on her lower back, yes i know gross, expecially since it was pussing quite a bit today...yuck!!! Anyway other then trying to keep from constantly snacking today was pretty much same ol stuff different day.

So as I am sitting here watching Alex sleep, praying she doesn't decide to wake up again, and waiting on D to get home i am contimplating the best way to start getting som traffic to my blog. I know I said I didn't set out to be one of the most popular blogs out there, and I didn't. but i would like to know someone has seen it. Oh well I guess all I can do atm is just keep blogging  someone will see it someday and hopefully they will be inspired.

Starting tomorrow morning I am back on a strict workout schedule, I have promised myself that I will workout a minimun of 5 days next week, hope to get in 6, and if im really lucky I will be able to get a workout in everyday next week. Monday is my first weigh-in and i am not expecting much of a change since I haven't been very productive this week. I have also set a new goal starting next week, i am going to attempt to give up soda cold turkey. I have found a couple natural favored water recepies on Pinterest that I want to try. Wish me luck on that especially since I LOVE!!!! soda.

Welp its 10:30. I'm guessing D is still busy finishing closing paperwork. I need to get my fat butt to bed if im gonna be getting up at 5am...which I am!!!! Night Y'All :)


Everybody please mentally gibbs me now, today is going to be a really off day. I wasn't able to get my workout in this morning mostly because i didnt get to bed till almost 1am. Between a fussy baby, a sick 5yr old n a worried hubby last night was not a good night. I didnt realize how quickly i would need/depend on that morning workout to jumpstart my day. Plus on top of that I'm drinking a coke first thing this morning i know i know shame on me but i really thought i was gonna need it, i took one sip n now i know i didnt. I am going to try n make it last most of the workday though n i promised myself this would be the last one for awhile. Well wish me luck for the rest of the day. Have a great one y,all.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let the journey begin

My first Blog!!!! Yay!!! Let me just say that i am not starting this blog to become one of the "top bloggers", not for fame, nor money, or any of the other bazillion reasons some people decide to try and start blogs. The reason i have decided to start this blog is to document my journey to a newer, healthier, fitter me. Yes I do realize there are tons of other blogs out there right now with people writing about the same thing but the thing is, EVERYBODY'S Journey is different.

Just so everybody knows I am actually starting this blog after I started my journey. I was just going to journal everything, all my thoughts, accomplishments, actions, habits, everything when I realized that I would feel more accountable if i put that all down where who knows how many people would possibly see it. Yes that thought is pretty scarry but if what i write helps to motivate even one person, to me that will be worth it in the long run. So please sit back and enjoy the ride and welcome to my life. :)

P.S. For the saftey and privacy of all my family and friends, the only Full name that will be used in this blog will be mine, all other names are nicknames that we do use in our everyday lives. Thanks Anna
                                                        Me and My Fiance D. October 2011
D, Boo(far right) n Alex (baby in middle) November 2011