Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Homecoming and strep throat

So the past few days have been interesting. Last weekend half the household was sick. Sunday I went to a bridal fair and had an awesome time with a really good friend of mine. Monday we kept the girls home from school because of the stomach bug in the house. Yesterday the girls were well enough to go back to school. Mom and I spent all day....literally from 10 am to around 10 pm making these super hero costumes for super hero day today. I am going to do a massive photo dump on friday if im not too exhausted afterthe football game, if i am it will wait till saturday but i promise it will be up this weekend. Oh yah this is homecoming week in my little corner of the world, hence the superhero day. Today was spent making mums. Mums are a big part of Texas homecomings. They are also super expensive. My mom started making ours years ago and has been making them ever since. They turned out awesome, will put pics of these up in the photo dump too.

I gota call from the school nurse this afternoon saying that I had to go pick up Bella. She was running a temp of 103.6. Went and picked her up and went straight to the ER. I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! The new S&W Childrens Hospital. We were in a room and talking with the nurse and Dr within 15 mins of walking through the doors. My biggest worry was that Bella had picked up the west nile virus, which for any of you hiding under rocks at the moment is really bad here in texas right now. Luckly, but unluckly, Bella only has a case of Strep Throat. This is the second time she has had strep this year. She is on antibiotics, has to stay home tomorrow but can go back to school Friday as long as she doesnt have a fever. She is happy about that because she wants to be able to wear her new mum to school friday lol. I think that is about all for now. I have to got put another fussy little miss back to sleep.

later y'all!!!

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