Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm Back

Once again I am appoligizing for such a long delay in posts. There are many reasons why it has been so long. I've been busy, kiddos just started school, i've been tired, nothing to write about, all the typical reasons. To be honest with you all, I have been in a major slump lately, not really depression but not being my normal self. I haven't been eating the way I should or exercising. This week i have only exercised 1 day and I didn't even finish the workout. On Tuesday I pulled a muscle in my back and I used that as an excuse to not workout. Add that to having a stomach bug the last couple days and I have yet another excuse for not working out. Now I realize that these may actually be valid reasons for taking some time off but to me they still feel like excuses. I could have walked when I couldn't run. I could do dvds an hit pause when I had to run to the bathroom. But I didn't. Because of this I have made a few decisions.
1- I am going to take Saturday and Sunday off as my last free days.
2- starting Monday I am going to start the C25K program over from w1d1.
3- I will attend Zumba twice a week on Monday and Wednesdays.
4-I will start 30ds again from D1L1. Yes I do realize that means 3 workouts a day on Mondays and Wednesdays.
5- I will get my eating back under control.

I am tired of being overweight and tired all the time. I want to look amazing in my wedding dress a little over a year from now. I know that this is not going to be easy and I will probably fall off the wagon several more time before all is said and done with but the important thing is that I don't give up. That i pick right back up and keep going . I deserve to be happy with myself and to feel like the Sexy Goddess my Fiance swears I am. I need this. I want this. I WILL DO THIS!!!


  1. Good Luck!! You can do it!! <3

  2. You can totally do it... when you fall off the wagon, just GET BACK ON! You don't have to wait until next week, or even the next day... just make the commitment to get back on and do this thing. I had a bad week last week and it was ridiculous how tired and gross I felt all the time... definitely don't want to feel like that any more! Good luck!

  3. Realizing your faults is the first step. You can do this! I totally sympathize with you. I swear except for the wedding dress, your last paragraph is so me! I tired of the extra weight, I'm tired of being tired. But we can do this!