Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Typical Tuesday

First of all I want to say I'm sorry to my followers and anybody else that follows my blog. Yes i do realize it has been over a week since I posted last, things have been kinda hectic here. So for a quick update, Emi is sick again, she has a strain od Staph that is apparently very common in little ones. We have been busy getting Bella ready for her first day of Kindergarten next monday, meet the teacher night is thursday. I finally decided to suck it up and register for an online college to get my bachlors so i can become a teacher. I have been thinking about this for a long while, the only thing stopping me was not wanting to student loans, but i realized the longer i wait the more expensive it is going to be so i finally sucked it up, i am just waiting on the final paperwork to get processed and i should be starting in october. I Was shocked this morning, when i went for my walk my mother decided to come with me!! Which if yall knew my mom you would know how big that was for her. But most importantly i am finally at the 10 lb loss point which means i am going to post progressing pics tomorrow, although most of you prolly saw them on the Fit Camp page. Well I think that is all for now. I promise i will start posting more.

Later Yall

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