Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Just another Tuesday

So today pretty much sucked. Got up at 5:30 to run, got through one lap n had to come home. I don't know why but for some reason I fealt very sick this morning, major headache, nausia, the whole nine yards except no fever. Anyway so I jump in the shower to clean up, throw on basket ball shorts and a tshirt and proceed to finish getting ready for work. Thats the awesome thing about my job, I can go to work looking like crap and nobody cares! I love being a nanny!! Before any of yall ask, yes I do go to work when I don't feel good, as long as I don't have a fever I get through as best I can. The kids I watch are pretty awesome so its not like I have a very hard job anyway, I love those kids :) I was able to get 30 mins of Zumba in today, and I kept my eating under control, until I got home... My sister is down for a couple weeks and decided to pick up KFC for everybody. I know I shouldn't have had any but I did. I ate 1 breast (no skin), a spoon of mashed potatos and gravy, and a spoon of cole slaw, no biscut. All in all it was a lot less then I would have normally eaten which is good but that one piece of chicken had 600 calories in it....I will admit, it sooooooooo was NOT worth it. Like I said, my sister is down for a couple weeks so I got to see my 3week old niece for the first time today, she is sooooo precious!!! As soon as I get the camera issues solved I will post pics. Tomorrow I am only working half a day, we have to go to D's aunts funeral tomorrow at 2. Please if you will, keep his family in your prayers for strength at this time. Thank you. Well thats all for now I think. Later Y'All

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