Sunday, July 8, 2012

Just Another Weekend

OK so Saturday started off pretty slow. Didn't get my lazy butt outta bed till 8. I was able to still get my walk in, although I now remember why I get up so early to exercise. It was 80* by 8 am here in central Texas. I was sweatin my a** off, though I think that was probably a good thing. Anyway later that morning I went with mom, dad, and the rest of the family to go a few things, then we went too my oldest sisters house for my nephews birthday. Let me tell you that was a whole ordeal in itself. This year my nephew just asked that people gave him money instead of buying him a bunch of little things he didn't need or wouldn't use, smart kid if you ask me. Anyway he ended up with about $60 roughly, he put it all in one card and put it up in his room. Half way through the party, the kids were all playin in that area of the house, adults would go back there to check on them randomly, half way though he notices that the card with the money had been taken out of the envelope n was missing. We all hunted around that house for like an hour looking for it, couldn't find it anywhere. We finally gave up, with suspisions that a certain adult had taken it. A couple hours later that person had gone back into my nephews room to tell him goodbye, shortly after that the money was found. The whole thing still seems hinky to me but at least the money was found and it was all still there.

After the party, D and I went out on date night. this is the first date night we have had in a very long while, normally we have kids and/or other adults with us. We went to eat at the Oscar store (great food by the way) then we were supposed to go to the rodeo. The weather started getting bad so we didnt want to drive that far out so we just enjoyed some quiet time together. Went to Specs n got some drinks and some alcohol infused whipped cream, picked up Alex from my sisters (Boo spent the night there with my niece), came home, put Alex in bed and enjoyed a couple drinks, and some whipped cream. That stuff is awesome but is very Strong!! You really should try some though if you haven't already. I don't think we ended up actually going to bed till 1:30-2ish.

Today was a pretty laid back day. D had to work and everybody else myself included just fealt like being lazy. But its getting late and I am getting up to exercise at 5 am so I better get my butt to bed. Night Y'all

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