Thursday, July 5, 2012

Let the journey begin

My first Blog!!!! Yay!!! Let me just say that i am not starting this blog to become one of the "top bloggers", not for fame, nor money, or any of the other bazillion reasons some people decide to try and start blogs. The reason i have decided to start this blog is to document my journey to a newer, healthier, fitter me. Yes I do realize there are tons of other blogs out there right now with people writing about the same thing but the thing is, EVERYBODY'S Journey is different.

Just so everybody knows I am actually starting this blog after I started my journey. I was just going to journal everything, all my thoughts, accomplishments, actions, habits, everything when I realized that I would feel more accountable if i put that all down where who knows how many people would possibly see it. Yes that thought is pretty scarry but if what i write helps to motivate even one person, to me that will be worth it in the long run. So please sit back and enjoy the ride and welcome to my life. :)

P.S. For the saftey and privacy of all my family and friends, the only Full name that will be used in this blog will be mine, all other names are nicknames that we do use in our everyday lives. Thanks Anna
                                                        Me and My Fiance D. October 2011
D, Boo(far right) n Alex (baby in middle) November 2011


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