Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's Been A Long Day

Hey Y'All

First off I ended up not having to go into work at all today so I was kind of happy about that.

I had a very lazy day today. I didn't get any workouts in today. I feel like shit for it too. But starting tomorrow I am going to hit the ground running...literally. I will be back on my 3 a day workouts. I'm tired of not seeing any results. I need to get uber serious about this if i want to lose the weight before June. I am also going to start trying to eat cleaner, and not near as big of portions of things. I need you all to help keep me acountable for what I am doing. The good, bad, and the ugly you are going to get to read it all hopefully that will get me to stay on track.

In other news, we had D's aunts funeral today. It was pretty boring to say the least. It was all D could do to stay awake during it and both girls did fall asleep. It was longer then any funeral should have ever been. Oh and just so you know I generally hate funerals anyway, too many sad depressing emotions in the air, they always give me a major headache. But I wanted to be there for D and my future mother in law.

Well I think that is all for now. Later Y'All

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